Aunt Dorothy is one of the characters in the movie, Krampus. She's the aunt of Sarah and Linda and the great aunt of her nieces and nephew.

Personality Edit

Sardonic and judgemental, with a sour comment or an insult for everyone. In times of stress she drinks peppermint Schnapps. While she claims to dislike children she does share her peppermint Schnapps with the children, on the condition that they don't "rat her out" by telling their parents. She is apparently a rather lonely person, as we are told that she manipulated Linda into bringing her along and she has nowhere else to go on Christmas.

Krampus(film) Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • She is the fifth of her family to be taken by Krampus
  • Her capture is the sour candy cane in dead meat’s capture count because of the sound effect that played during her capture