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Brett Beattie

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Der Klown, also known as the Clown or the Jack-in-the-Box, is the secondary antagonist of the Christmas comedy-horror film Krampus and is played by Brett Beattie.

Der Klown is a giant demonic evil Jack-in-the-Box toy with sharp fangs, big jaws, and a worm-like body; of which is constructed from an old, dirty white crawl tunnel toy with faded pink dots, providing contrast. He has a huge mouth that can capture people with them. He can use his tail to wrap victims and suffocate them. He dons a large dusty red jester hat with two brass bells on either tip and wears a thick ruff around his neck. The end of his tail boasts an old vintage music box. he has also committed man and child slaughter and is kinda a dark elf.:] he also pretty darn cute when he claps his hands while waiting for krampus to arrive

His ghostly white porcelain mask bears many typical human features such as two ears, cheeks and a nose. The mask is also decorated with vintage clown makeup. It is not revealed what lies underneath his mask, although it can be concluded that he has a skinless face and two black beady eyes, as revealed in certain areas of or around his mask. He is shown to bare a pair of human-like arms clad in a similar material and color to that of the crawl tunnel his torso is constructed of. He also wears a pair of thick leather gloves.


He is responsible for Jordan, Beth, and Rosie’s is alive hacking capture.


Der Klown, while obviously terrifying, is a very jolly character in many of his scenes and has a very "charming" personality. He is seen scrambling away as fast as he can when the parents attempt to shoot him prior to them witnessing him ingesting one of their children.

After consuming Jordan head-first, with his expandable jaws, he has enough manners to wipe his mouth with a handkerchief but then belches loudly afterwards. He struggles to escape through an air vent when his mid-section gets stuck due to recently consuming Jordan.

When he realizes that the Dark Elves are arriving to rescue him, he claps with glee. When they finally storm in the house, he is shown giving one of them a giant hug. Later in the film, he shows his love for the Christmas spirit by eagerly looking into Krampus's sleigh for a ride. He is also seen covering his eyes in fear when the lava pit is beginning to crack the ground. He also appears on the far right of the screen during the final scene when all of the monsters jumpscare the audience

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