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Howard "Howie" Jr. is the son of Linda and Howard and the only brother to his three sisters. He's one of characters in the movie, Krampus.


Howie is a little boy who doesn't talk very much. When his cousin Max asked him what he wanted for Christmas, Howie stared blankly at him. Howie seems to love food as evidenced while he eats at the dinner table and begs Aunt Dorothy if he could have a sip of her peppermint mocha. His love of food caused him to be taken by Krampus when he is taken up the chimney after eating a living gingerbread man.



Only son of Howard and Linda; Only brother of Stevie, Jordan, and Baby Chrissy; Only boy cousin of Max and Beth


  • Howie is portrayed by Maverick Flack
  • He is the second of his family to be taken by Krampus
  • Howie, his aunt, and his father are the only members of the family and the only characters to encounter alive gingerbread men.
  • He doesn't talk very much as shown in the movie.