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Played By
Mark Atkin

Ketkrókur, also known as Meat Hook, is a supporting antagonist of the Christmas comedy-horror film Krampus and is portrayed by Mark Atkin. It is one of Krampus's Dark Elves that arrives to rescue Der Klown near the film's climax. Ketkrókur's mask possesses a devilish grin and horns made of a fork and knife. This can make him the human meat snatcher/kidnapper for krampus.


Ketkrókur, just like its partners, takes gleeful pride in carrying out the wishes of its master, Krampus.


Ketkrókur is named after the ogre "Yüle-Lad" of the same name from Icelandic winter celebrations. His name means "Meat-Hook" and he is affiliated with the date of December 23rd. He is affiliated with stealing meat from houses.

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