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Stevie is one the characters in the movie Krampus. She's the daughter of Howard and Linda and sister of Jordan, Howie Jr., and Baby Chrissy.


Stevie is a tomboyish girl who is usually seen wearing boys clothing. Even though she's is a tomboy, she hates it when someone says her father wishes that she and Jordan were boys. This poss explains that Stevie would rather stick to being a girl. Stevie can be mean and sometimes a bully. She picks on her cousin, Max by reading his Santa letter out loud to the family. However, during the time when Krampus comes to punish her family, her attitude towards Max softens. She also becomes concerned for Beth when she goes missing and comforts Chrissy when she starts crying. Despite being close to Jordan, Stevie gets annoyed when her sister gets scared to go to the bathroom alone since Krampus is terrorizing them.



Daughter of Howard and Linda; Sister of Jordan, Howie Jr., and Baby Chrissy; Cousin of Max and Beth


*Stevie is portrayed by Lolo Owen

*She is the eleventh of her family to be taken by Krampus

*Even though Stevie is shortened for a boy's name like Stephen, her name might actually be Stephanie but prefers to be called Stevie.

*It's clearly unknown if Stevie is older or younger than her sister Jordan.